Monday, March 29, 2010

Butterfly, Butterfly

I used the awesome artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. To purchase a license to use her work, go to I also used an awesome mask by Zuzzanna, you can find her masks at

This tutorial was written August 26, 2007 by Valerie Atwell and assumes that you have some working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.

What you need:
Mask of your choice
Tube of your choice
Font of your choice
My Scrapkit HERE
Open a 500x500 transparent canvas. Open the pink_black tile and minimize for now.
Go to your background palette, choose the pink_black tile in your patterns with these settings:
Floodfill your canvas with the pattern.
Then apply your mask by going to Layers, Load Mask from Disk, Invent transparency checked.

Then right click the mask layer, merge, merge group.
Add a new raster layer and floodfill with a neutral color, I used #c0c0c0.
Resize this new layer by 60% with resize all layers unchecked.
Open the Butterfly Ribbon in the scrap kit. Copy and paste it as a new layer on your canvas. Resize the ribbon by 61%. Move it to the right side of the gray square. Revmove any extra ribbon with your eraser tool.
Duplicate the ribbon layer, then image, mirror.
Deselect the background mask layer. Layers, merge, merge visible. Then rotate your square to the left by 25.

Apply this drop shadow twice.

Open the Butterfly Text from the scrap kit. Copy and paste it onto your canvas. Resize by 75%, all layers unchecked. Rotate it to the left by 25. Move it to the top of the gray ribbon "paper" (see my sample for placement).
Apply this drop shadow.

Open the Pink Flower Beads. Copy one set of the beads and paste it as a new layer. Move it to the right side of the tag. Resize by 80%. Apply the same drop shadow as before.
Now, copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Apply your favorite drop shadow. Add the copyright and your watermark.
Now add your text (I used a pink color from the ribbon). Rotate it to the left by 25 and drop it under the tube layer. Apply the drop shadow from the Butterfly text or your choice of drop shadow.
Save as a .jpeg and you are done!
Thanks for doing my tutorial.

Tutorial ©Valerie Atwell 2007

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  1. I use paint shop pro as well. Great job here. Thanks for this tutorial. Im always looking for new ideas for my graphic designing!


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