Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Foliage

This tutorial was written by Valerie Atwell on October 11, 2011.  Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.  Please do not translate my tutorial or copy and present it as your own.  Thank you to Vaybs for the beautiful Scrap kit that I used and to Insatiable Dreams for the awesome mask.  This tutorial assumes that you have some working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro (PSP).

PSP (I am using version XI)
Photo of fall foliage
Betsys Paradise Dream Scrap Kit by Vaybs (you can find it here)
Mask 443 by Insatiable Dreams (you can find it here)
Autumn Fairy Tube of Choice (I have used the awesome artwork of Katherine Barber.  You just have a license to use her artwork.  You can her artwork from UpYourArt)
Font of Choice (I am using a free font called The Great Escape.  You can download it here)

Let's get started!
1.  Find and open your tube.  Minimize.
2.  Find and open your photo.  Shift + D on your keyboard to duplicate the photo.  Close the original.  Resize your photo to 800x600, resize all layers checked.
3.  Edit, copy.  We will use the copy of the photo in a little bit.
4.  Layers, Load/Save Mask, Load Mask from Disk, 443InsatiableDreams, Source Luminance checked, Fit to Canvas checked, Invert Transparency unchecked, Hide All Mask checked.  Click Load.  Layers, Merge, Merge Group.
5.  Edit, Paste as New Layer.
6.  Now to the scrap kit.  Copy and paste as new layer, Frame (the red one).  Resize by 65%, resize all layers unchecked.  Adjust, Sharpness, Unsharp Mask with Factory Default settings.
7.  Grab your magic wand selection tool.  Click inside the frame.  Selections, Modify, Expand by 5.
8.  Activate your 2nd photo layer.  Selections, Invert.  Hit Delete on your keyboard.  Selections, Select None.  Apply Unsharp Mask.
9.  On frame layer, add drop shadow (2, 2, 80, 5, black).  Add drop shadow again (-2, -2, 80, 5, black).
10.  Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.  Resize it as needed.  Duplicate the tube layer.  Drag the bottom tube layer below the frame and add the first drop shadow above.
11.  On the top tube layer, use your eraser tool to erase the bottom part of the tube so that the frame is visible again.
12.  Copy and paste butterfly (3).  Resize by 60%.  Add drop shadow.  Apply Unsharp Mask.  Move to the left side of the frame.
13.  Copy and paste decor (19).  Image, Free Rotate, Right 90.  Image, Mirror.  Resize by 80%.  Move to lower right corner of the frame.  Add drop shadow.  Apply Unsharp Mask.
14.  Copy and paste flower (6).  Resize by 50%.  Add drop shadow.  Apply Unsharp Mask.  Move to upper right corner of frame.  Make sure it is below the top tube layer.
15.  Copy and paste decor (2), (3), (4).  Resize each by 60%.  Do not apply a drop shadow, they already have one.  Apply Unsharp Mask to each.  Move to bottom of the frame in the middle and make sure they are under the ribbon layer.
16.  Add the name that you want in the font and color of your choice.  I used The Great Escape, Size 84, Foreground Black, Background #f0d188, Stroke Width 1.5.  Apply drop shadow and move it to where it looks good on your tag.
17.  Image, Resize, 595x446 pixels, resize all layers checked.
18.  Add your copyright and license (if applicable).
19.  Save as a PNG.  Your final result will have a transparent background.
To save as a PNG with a transparent background:
Click on the PNG Optimizer button on the toolbar (or File, Export, PNG Optimizer).  Use the default settings.
You are done with your tag.  Thanks for doing my tutorial!  Come back again soon.

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