Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Combining Blogs

I am in the process of moving all of my "stuff" into one blog.  I'm combining my tutz blog and my designing blog so that it is a) easier for me to post and b) easier for you to find.  I don't have a lot of things that I make, so I couldn't see having two blogs anymore.  I will be moving my tutz to   Be sure to pop over there and follow me before this blog goes away in a week and a half or so.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainbow Brutal

Whoot!  I now have an exclusive tutorial posted at Creative Addictions.  Here is the preview.  Just click on the tag to take you to it.  Check out the other tutorials and hey, join the group and enjoy the challenges and contests.  It is a great group!

Rainbow Brutal

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Foliage

This tutorial was written by Valerie Atwell on October 11, 2011.  Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.  Please do not translate my tutorial or copy and present it as your own.  Thank you to Vaybs for the beautiful Scrap kit that I used and to Insatiable Dreams for the awesome mask.  This tutorial assumes that you have some working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro (PSP).

PSP (I am using version XI)
Photo of fall foliage
Betsys Paradise Dream Scrap Kit by Vaybs (you can find it here)
Mask 443 by Insatiable Dreams (you can find it here)
Autumn Fairy Tube of Choice (I have used the awesome artwork of Katherine Barber.  You just have a license to use her artwork.  You can her artwork from UpYourArt)
Font of Choice (I am using a free font called The Great Escape.  You can download it here)

Let's get started!
1.  Find and open your tube.  Minimize.
2.  Find and open your photo.  Shift + D on your keyboard to duplicate the photo.  Close the original.  Resize your photo to 800x600, resize all layers checked.
3.  Edit, copy.  We will use the copy of the photo in a little bit.
4.  Layers, Load/Save Mask, Load Mask from Disk, 443InsatiableDreams, Source Luminance checked, Fit to Canvas checked, Invert Transparency unchecked, Hide All Mask checked.  Click Load.  Layers, Merge, Merge Group.
5.  Edit, Paste as New Layer.
6.  Now to the scrap kit.  Copy and paste as new layer, Frame (the red one).  Resize by 65%, resize all layers unchecked.  Adjust, Sharpness, Unsharp Mask with Factory Default settings.
7.  Grab your magic wand selection tool.  Click inside the frame.  Selections, Modify, Expand by 5.
8.  Activate your 2nd photo layer.  Selections, Invert.  Hit Delete on your keyboard.  Selections, Select None.  Apply Unsharp Mask.
9.  On frame layer, add drop shadow (2, 2, 80, 5, black).  Add drop shadow again (-2, -2, 80, 5, black).
10.  Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.  Resize it as needed.  Duplicate the tube layer.  Drag the bottom tube layer below the frame and add the first drop shadow above.
11.  On the top tube layer, use your eraser tool to erase the bottom part of the tube so that the frame is visible again.
12.  Copy and paste butterfly (3).  Resize by 60%.  Add drop shadow.  Apply Unsharp Mask.  Move to the left side of the frame.
13.  Copy and paste decor (19).  Image, Free Rotate, Right 90.  Image, Mirror.  Resize by 80%.  Move to lower right corner of the frame.  Add drop shadow.  Apply Unsharp Mask.
14.  Copy and paste flower (6).  Resize by 50%.  Add drop shadow.  Apply Unsharp Mask.  Move to upper right corner of frame.  Make sure it is below the top tube layer.
15.  Copy and paste decor (2), (3), (4).  Resize each by 60%.  Do not apply a drop shadow, they already have one.  Apply Unsharp Mask to each.  Move to bottom of the frame in the middle and make sure they are under the ribbon layer.
16.  Add the name that you want in the font and color of your choice.  I used The Great Escape, Size 84, Foreground Black, Background #f0d188, Stroke Width 1.5.  Apply drop shadow and move it to where it looks good on your tag.
17.  Image, Resize, 595x446 pixels, resize all layers checked.
18.  Add your copyright and license (if applicable).
19.  Save as a PNG.  Your final result will have a transparent background.
To save as a PNG with a transparent background:
Click on the PNG Optimizer button on the toolbar (or File, Export, PNG Optimizer).  Use the default settings.
You are done with your tag.  Thanks for doing my tutorial!  Come back again soon.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Butterfly, Butterfly

I used the awesome artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. To purchase a license to use her work, go to I also used an awesome mask by Zuzzanna, you can find her masks at

This tutorial was written August 26, 2007 by Valerie Atwell and assumes that you have some working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.

What you need:
Mask of your choice
Tube of your choice
Font of your choice
My Scrapkit HERE
Open a 500x500 transparent canvas. Open the pink_black tile and minimize for now.
Go to your background palette, choose the pink_black tile in your patterns with these settings:
Floodfill your canvas with the pattern.
Then apply your mask by going to Layers, Load Mask from Disk, Invent transparency checked.

Then right click the mask layer, merge, merge group.
Add a new raster layer and floodfill with a neutral color, I used #c0c0c0.
Resize this new layer by 60% with resize all layers unchecked.
Open the Butterfly Ribbon in the scrap kit. Copy and paste it as a new layer on your canvas. Resize the ribbon by 61%. Move it to the right side of the gray square. Revmove any extra ribbon with your eraser tool.
Duplicate the ribbon layer, then image, mirror.
Deselect the background mask layer. Layers, merge, merge visible. Then rotate your square to the left by 25.

Apply this drop shadow twice.

Open the Butterfly Text from the scrap kit. Copy and paste it onto your canvas. Resize by 75%, all layers unchecked. Rotate it to the left by 25. Move it to the top of the gray ribbon "paper" (see my sample for placement).
Apply this drop shadow.

Open the Pink Flower Beads. Copy one set of the beads and paste it as a new layer. Move it to the right side of the tag. Resize by 80%. Apply the same drop shadow as before.
Now, copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Apply your favorite drop shadow. Add the copyright and your watermark.
Now add your text (I used a pink color from the ribbon). Rotate it to the left by 25 and drop it under the tube layer. Apply the drop shadow from the Butterfly text or your choice of drop shadow.
Save as a .jpeg and you are done!
Thanks for doing my tutorial.

Tutorial ©Valerie Atwell 2007

Be My Valentine

This tutorial was written January 11, 2006 by Valerie Atwell, all rights to it belong to me. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.  You may link to it or print it for personal use, but you MAY NOT claim it as your own.
I used the awesome artwork of Barbara Jensen.  To purchase a license to use her work, you may go to

What you need:
My Supplies HERE
Paint Shop Pro
Animation Shop
No outside filters required

Unzip the gradient into your gradients folder, your tube into your tube folder, the font into your font folder, the mask into your mask folder and the brushes into your brush folder.
Open your tube in PSP and minimize. Open your font and minimize.
Open a new canvas 500x500, transparent.
Set your foreground to black.
Floodfill the bottom layer with black.
Go to layers, load saved mask, choose the following:

Make sure Invert Transparency is unchecked.
Go to layers, merge group.
Open up your tube (I used a legs tube, you can use the tube of your choice and adjust the instructions accordingly).
Go to edit, copy and paste as a new layer in your canvas.
Resize if needed.
On your layer palet, lower the opacity of the layer to 80%.
If you want you can apply the same mask settings as above. Layers, merge group.
Go to adjust, hue/saturation, colorize these settings:
Go to layers, new raster layer.
Set your background to the gradient, ivy_valentine5, these settings:
Grab your paint brush tool, choose HeartAccent1 010.
Size 197, Default settings for the rest
Apply your brush to the upper left corner of your mask.
Go to layers, duplicate, then image, mirror.
Move this heart brush to the bottom right corner of your mask.
Go to layers, new raster layer.
Grab your paint brush tool with HeartAccent1 011.
Size 197, Default settings for the rest
epeat the same steps as above.
Deactivate (turn off) your mask layer and your tube layer.
Go to layers, merge visible.
Duplicate your heart layer 2 times.
First heart layer:
Go to adjust, add/remove noise, add noise.
Make sure uniform is ticked and use these settings:
Second heart layer:
Repeat steps as above with 45% noise.
Third heart layer:
Repeat steps as above with 40% noise.
Go back to your first heart layer.
Adjust, add/remove noise, noise.
Make sure random is ticked at 50%.
Second heart layer:
Same as above 60%
Third heart layer:
Same as above 55%
Set your background gradient to the following:

Set your foreground to black.
Now, grab your text tool with these settings:
Size 96, Stroke 1, Default settings for the rest
Type your text. With your font, you have to use all caps.
Go to layers, convert to raster layer.
Duplicate your text layer twice.
Apply your noise settings as you did with the heart layers.
At this time, you should add your copyright and watermark.
Open your Animation Shop.
Deactivate the top 2 text layers and the top 2 heart layers.
Go to edit, copy merged.
Over to Animation Shop.
Edit, paste as new animation.
Deactivate first layers of each and activate second layers of each.
Edit, copy merged.
In AS paste after current layer.

Same steps for the third layers of each.
In AS, edit, select all (or cntrl + A on the keyboard).
This will activate all of your frames.
Animation, frame properties, set it to 15.

Animation, animation properties, opaque, click on the color box and set it to white.
Animation, resize to pixel size of 500x500 or the size of your choice.
Save your creation as a .gif with the default settings and you are done!!

Thanks for doing my first animation tutorial.

Tutorial ©Valerie Tutorials 2005-2007

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kat Scratch Fever

This tutorial was written May 7, 2006 by Valerie and is the sole property of Valzs Tutz. Any resemblance of this tutorial to any other tutorial on the web is purely coincidental. You may text link or print my tutorial for your personal use ONLY. Any other usage requires my express written permission. This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of the Paint Shop Pro program and can be done in any version.

I have a confession: My name is Valerie and I'm addicted to Masks. LOL It seems that most of my tuts contain a mask. What can I say. They are fast and easy to use!

On to the Tutorial!

What you need:
Font of your choice
Tube of your choice
My supplies HERE
Place the masks in your mask folder and the pattern in your patterns folder.
Don't forget to save your work often. One tip is to save it as a .pspimage at first then save periodically. Also, if you plan to make this for more than just yourself, rename your font layer (right click on the font layer and choose rename) with the name of your font.
Open your font and minimize it. Open your tube and minimize it as well.
Open a 600x500 transparent canvas. Floodfill it with the pattern.
Add a new Raster layer. Floodfill this layer with white.
Go to Layers, Load/Save Mask, Load from Disk, Tile Wave with these settings:

Delete the mask (this will merge it into the layer below) and merge visible.
Go back to Layers, Load Mask from Disk and choose Nik-Ceramic Tile this time.

Delete the mask and merge group.
Add a new Raster layer. Floodfill it with black (Don't panic, we're going to move it). Go to Layers, Arrange, Send to Bottom.

Layers, Merge visible.
Now, go to Image, Add Borders, pick a teal color from the pattern (or a lighter color from your own pattern) at 4 pixels.

Go to Layers, Promote Bg Layer.
Image, Resize, 85%, Bicubic, Resize All Layers unchecked.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Resize as needed.
You can use my drop shadow below or your own favorite settings.

Add the copyright information for your tube and your own watermark.
You can add any accents or embellishments you desire.
Now the name on the tag, use the font of your choice. For my font, I used a size of 100. Add your drop shadow from before or any other effects you want.
Resize it, remember to check Resize All Layers and make sure Bicubic is selected when you resize.
Save As a jpeg and you are DONE!!
Thanks for doing my tutorial!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tutorials by Val

Hey! I decided to put some of my early tutorials on here. I have several new friends that are learning to PSP, so I thought I would dust them off and share them. I hope to have some new ones done sometime soon. These are simple and will teach a beginner some basic functions of PSP. I wrote them in 7 and 9, but they can be used for newer versions too. Have fun!