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Kat Scratch Fever

This tutorial was written May 7, 2006 by Valerie and is the sole property of Valzs Tutz. Any resemblance of this tutorial to any other tutorial on the web is purely coincidental. You may text link or print my tutorial for your personal use ONLY. Any other usage requires my express written permission. This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of the Paint Shop Pro program and can be done in any version.

I have a confession: My name is Valerie and I'm addicted to Masks. LOL It seems that most of my tuts contain a mask. What can I say. They are fast and easy to use!

On to the Tutorial!

What you need:
Font of your choice
Tube of your choice
My supplies HERE
Place the masks in your mask folder and the pattern in your patterns folder.
Don't forget to save your work often. One tip is to save it as a .pspimage at first then save periodically. Also, if you plan to make this for more than just yourself, rename your font layer (right click on the font layer and choose rename) with the name of your font.
Open your font and minimize it. Open your tube and minimize it as well.
Open a 600x500 transparent canvas. Floodfill it with the pattern.
Add a new Raster layer. Floodfill this layer with white.
Go to Layers, Load/Save Mask, Load from Disk, Tile Wave with these settings:

Delete the mask (this will merge it into the layer below) and merge visible.
Go back to Layers, Load Mask from Disk and choose Nik-Ceramic Tile this time.

Delete the mask and merge group.
Add a new Raster layer. Floodfill it with black (Don't panic, we're going to move it). Go to Layers, Arrange, Send to Bottom.

Layers, Merge visible.
Now, go to Image, Add Borders, pick a teal color from the pattern (or a lighter color from your own pattern) at 4 pixels.

Go to Layers, Promote Bg Layer.
Image, Resize, 85%, Bicubic, Resize All Layers unchecked.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Resize as needed.
You can use my drop shadow below or your own favorite settings.

Add the copyright information for your tube and your own watermark.
You can add any accents or embellishments you desire.
Now the name on the tag, use the font of your choice. For my font, I used a size of 100. Add your drop shadow from before or any other effects you want.
Resize it, remember to check Resize All Layers and make sure Bicubic is selected when you resize.
Save As a jpeg and you are DONE!!
Thanks for doing my tutorial!!

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